Once upon a time, in the fascinating world of art and entertainment, an innovative company emerged known as Air-Fabric. This company took root as the construction subsidiary of the prestigious street theater company, Plasticiens Volants, globally renowned for its grandiose aerial performances.

With over 30 years of experience in the art of inflatables, Plasticiens Volants decided to explore new horizons by establishing this new entity dedicated to construction, opening an unprecedented chapter in their journey.

At the core of this initiative was a passionate desire to share their expertise across various domains. Air-Fabric devoted itself to designing inflatable structures for international events, expanding its scope to create inflatable sets for theater and opera, as well as crafting scenographic elements for festivals.

Magic unfolds with every new creation, from airborne designs that seemingly come to life during performances to imposing sets that transform the stage to tell ephemeral stories. Air-Fabric's reputation quickly spreads, and now, demand comes from all corners of the globe.

Artists and visionaries worldwide seek the unique talents of Air-Fabric to bring their wildest dreams to life, whether for festivals, cultural events, or artistic performances.

Each project is a new adventure, a creative exploration where the limits of imagination seem to fade away. Guided by the passion for innovation and the constant pursuit of the extraordinary, the creators at Air-Fabric deploy their ingenuity to sculpt the ephemeral.

Each creation is an ode to the collaboration between artistic daring and technical mastery, confirming that sometimes, the boldest dreams can indeed become reality.