We have a diverse range of skills to meet all your needs.

The painting

Our distinctive brand lies in the creation of unique designs tailored to the graphic preferences of our clients, ranging from realism to abstraction. Under the supervision of the artist Marc Etiève, our team of painters brings your ideas to life. We collaborate with specialized printers for sublimation digital prints, ensuring impeccable results. Upon request, we apply flame-retardant treatment or use M1-treated spinnaker material to meet specific standards. Our commitment: quality and originality.

Working with wood and iron

We also have the expertise to work with wood and iron in the design of carts, chests, supporting structures, etc. This allows us to provide fully equipped and ready-to-use products, thus facilitating the delivery process.

The sewing

As guardians of the excellence of our creations, our team of skilled seamstresses brings together experts in costume making, stage decorators, prop makers, and visual artists. We prioritize spinnaker as our main material, a lightweight and durable nylon fabric commonly used in sailmaking, sailing sports, and clothing production. In addition to this, we design stage costumes, whether inflatable or not, to enrich the world of performing arts.

Light and Air

Thanks to our expertise in the field of inflatable structures, we have carefully selected reliable electrical equipment, tailored to current constraints, after years of trials and testing. Whether for blowers, where we provide customized solutions based on the volume to inflate, the context, and specific requirements such as noise and inflation time, or for our lighting systems, which have evolved towards the use of LEDs, ensuring remarkable and reliable internal lighting, we are committed to offering high-quality solutions that enhance our creations.

sunrays wallpaper
sunrays wallpaper
Quality Control

We conduct rigorous tests on inflatable structures to ensure their compliance and optimal functionality. Our team ensures that each element is thoroughly checked. We are committed to providing durable and reliable inflatable structures. Our goal is to offer our customers a pleasant experience.

The Implementation

At Air-Fabric, we live and breathe inflatables. Therefore, everyone in our workshops is capable of implementing an inflatable, whether it's flying, stationary, carried, suspended, and more. Depending on your needs and projects, we will deploy a team of personnel for the technical implementation of our constructions. We can also collaborate with Plasticiens Volants if your project requires a team of artists trained in their manipulation for performances.

magnifying glass on white table
magnifying glass on white table