At Air-Fabric, no idea is too bold for us to bring to life

Our expertise

At Air-Fabric, our expertise in the field of inflatable structures manifests in a diverse range of designs, spanning from flying models to stationary ones. What sets our creations apart is their ability to inflate rapidly, scenic adaptability, ease of transport, and some even feature articulation, adding a dynamic dimension to every experience. Moreover, lighting options are also available. Inflatable structures designed by Air-Fabric are characterized by their silent operation, and quick appearance/disappearance is achievable. If desired, our team can also take care of the setup of these structures. With Air-Fabric, every bold idea comes to life in a practical and innovative manner.

Our company, Air-Fabric, specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality inflatable structures. We take pride in offering products that combine durability and aesthetics. With our expertise and artisanal approach, we can create innovative structures that meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Regardless of the project, our dedicated team is ready to apply their expertise and creativity to ensure its success. Furthermore, we ensure that our production processes adhere to environmental standards by using sustainable materials and reducing our carbon footprint. At Air-Fabric, we are committed to providing high-quality inflatable products while preserving our planet



Inflatable fixed structure, 2 meters in height, designed upon request for the Catalan theater company El Sidral for their ongoing production. This element, visible both inflated and deflated, has been crafted with particular attention to its volumetric aesthetics.


For an event in the Middle East, we were commissioned by People Group to create a flying whale-shark measuring 15 meters in length, with a reproduction as faithful to reality as possible. A specialized team was trained to ensure its realization and presence at several ceremonies in December 2022.

a woman standing in front of a mushroom - like mushroom - like mushroom - like
a woman standing in front of a mushroom - like mushroom - like mushroom - like

For the parade project scheduled in Cameroon in 2024 with the French Institute of Cameroon (IFC), we have designed an imposing elephantine chimera reaching a height of 15 meters. The artwork was meticulously crafted by the Cameroonian artist Jean-Michel DISSAKE, thereby adding a unique artistic dimension to this monumental creation.



We are a dedicated artistic company committed to creating fantastic and monumental accessories. Our sculptures are designed to have the appearance of the objects they represent; the last thing anyone should notice is that they are inflatable.

At times, we find ourselves getting carried away with our attention to detail, but ultimately, it's the little things that make up the whole. This ethic stems from our background in the creative and artistic world, where our inspiration lies in the magic of art and theater rather than mass production.