Our company, Air-Fabric, is the subsidiary of Plasticiens Volants, specializing in the complete design of inflatable structures from start to finish. We leverage our expertise to serve our clients in creating unique and innovative inflatable structures. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with our clients from the initial concept to the final realization. With our craftsmanship and experience, we can meet the most specific needs and create structures that stand out. Whether for events, exhibitions, or artistic installations, we can provide tailor-made solutions that ensure an exceptional experience. Trust Air-Fabric for your inflatable structure projects, and let us bring your boldest ideas to life.


Our mission is to address the specific needs of our clients by creating unique and customized solutions.

We take pride in delivering services of the highest quality. Our team of skilled professionals strives to ensure customer satisfaction and the success of every project.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience, demonstrating excellence in every aspect of our work.


We take pride in prioritizing environmental conservation and adopting sustainable practices throughout our projects. Our vision is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing personalized and innovative solutions while minimizing our impact on nature.

We are committed to using environmentally friendly materials, incorporating eco-friendly technologies, and promoting responsible resource management. Thanks to our expertise and dedication to sustainable development, we can offer high-quality structures that meet the specific expectations and requirements of each client.


And many others as well...